I’m Procrastinating.

December 13, 2009

Soooooooo okay. I have to do this research paper right now. Which I already did the rough draft! But I did pretty bad on the rough draft, so I have to like actually do this now. But I really don’t want to. 😥

On that irrelevant note, I went to New York City today, it was fun!

Oh and I’m getting the H1N1 flu shot tomorrow. Just so that you know. In case I develop autism or something. Just kidding I hate when people say that.

I was gonna make a post about DailyBooth and how awesome and amazing it is, but I never did. So you should just join it now. And follow me (@nicksilvestri).

My favorite color is blue. And green.

Okay I have to do my paper now. eeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE.


New Layout

March 8, 2009

I just changed the layout of my blog and i love it! it gets rid of the different pages that are usually on the top, which is really weird, so i just made a sidebar about me section. which by the way took forever to do because i had to do it in html and add the links in and all that stuff. but whatever. it’s just so much simpler, dontcha think so chuckie? that on the rugrats…..


i should really be sleeping right now, but i don’t care…. i can always force myself out of bed in the morning, and then after i take a shower, its like i got 10 hours of sleep!

i hardly ever post on this anymore, because im using twitter most of the time. but that shall change soon!

i feel like i need to tell you something, but i forgot what it was… oh well i’ll do it later.

okay i’m tired now…bye!!

p.s. italics looks cool!!!

you probably didnt know, but like a year ago on YouTube, there was this thing where people posted videos where they said 5 random things about themselves. so i felt like doing a blog post about it, cause i dont want to make a video and put it on YouTube…here we go!!!!!!!!!!! oh yea, if ur like my best friend, then you probably already know most of these…but read it anyways

  1. I love Mozart. thats like all i listen to. he’s cool. pretty much the only reason i listen to it is because we watched this movie, in band, called Amadeus. and that’s Mozart’s middle name, thats why its called that, if you were wondering. i’m wondering why they didnt call it Wolfgang. which is his first name, if you didnt know, which you probably didnt. you probably thought his first name was Mozart. okay, so anyways, he movie was really cool and now i love classical music!! listen to it sometime, its fun.
  2. My favorite food is Italian bread. with nothing else, not butter. just bread. oh and i dont even like butter, i only like margarine. i hate butter. ewe. also, i hate italian bread that is hot or heated. or if its reheated after being frozen. thats disgusting. dont do that!!
  3. i’m a HUGE computer geek! thats pretty much all i do when i get home from school. i just do stuff that has to do with computers. i also listen to podcasts everyday, one of which i’m listening to right now!
  4. i can change my mood whenever i feel like it. for example, if i was really tired, i could switch to being really hyper in like 2 seconds! also, if i’m really mad, i can just be happy when i feel like it.
  5. i throw up when people die. well not any person, but like when my cat died, i threw up. i didnt cry. i cant cry! its really annoying, cause if i found out somebody died, then i would need to like rush to the bathroom, or get a bucket lol. but this doesnt happen often, because people that i know (or care about very much) dont die often! if it did, i’d be like 10 pounds lighter.

okay, i did it. there are 5 things you probably didnt know about me. i think my best friends didnt know number 4. but they probably knew every other one. okay…BYE!