November 9, 2009

This is just going to be a really quick post on the website RIPT apparel graphic t-shirts. It means like Rest In Peace T-shirts because they have a new t-shirt featured every day, and after that one day, it’s gone FOREVER! There’s only one shirt everyday. There’s also a “graveyard” of shirts that were for sale on an earlier date.

They’re always only 10 bucks (plus 2.50 for ground shipping) and the graphics on the front are made by a different aspiring artist everyday, which I think is really cool.

K that’s it, just check out the website.



October 23, 2009

Today was definitely a sweatpants day, even though I didn’t wear sweatpants. That was my first mistake of the day.

My second mistake was going to school, because I’m sick!

My third mistake was going to the nurse, and then after she tells me I can go home, I remember that no one is here to pick me up, so I had to stay in school anyways!

And then I’m finally home, nose burning from the crappy tissues that our school has, and I look on the calendar and it says that I have a eye doctor’s appointment. I’m saddened by this, but I go anyways. My sister dropped my off and so that she could go to Payless and the grocery store. I walk in, and walk up the stairs, through the door, take a right annndddd all the lights are off in the doctor’s office. Hmm.. that’s weird. Maybe they moved to a different office… nope! I better call my sister and tell her to come here and pick me up.

So I did that, and she didn’t answer. I called her 33 other times (34 total!), and still no answer. I gave up calling and then FOURTY-FIVE MINUTES later, she pulls up in the parking lot!

Turns out she left her phone at home, and she felt super sorry for it, so I didn’t care.

Glee: Throwdown

October 15, 2009

So, I don’t even know how I made it without making a post about Glee since it started. It’s probably the most amazing show in the entire world. On EARTH!

This weeks episode, Throwdown [Hulu link], was oookkkaayy. They sang No Air and Keep Holding On. Oh and they sang this other song for like 3 seconds, and it was just like there. I don’t even remember what it was.

And why was Emma not even in this episode? She’s my favorite character! She’s just like “oh!” and she’s just so cool!

And the WIFE! Terri! I cannot wait until Will finds out that she isn’t really pregnant. If her plan works (taking Quinn’s baby), then I’ll be very upset. Not that it would ever work; she’s crazy.

Emma better be in next week’s episode!


September 27, 2009

Okay I didn’t, I lied.

But in my dream I did!!

I was sitting in my seat in my biology class (which I’m not even actually taking) and there was a bee’s  nest over my head. It was like stuck in a spider web, and I stood up to observe it, and the person behind me pushed me into it and a bee stung me on my lip!

It didn’t really hurt that much. I kind of want to actually get stung by a bee and see which hurts more!

Hey, this is my 100th post.

September 17, 2009

Guess what! This is my 100th post. Isn’t that cool? No? Fine.

Hey you know what bugs me? When people put a question mark at the end of “guess what.”

They’re telling you to guess! It’s not a question! UGH!!!

Okay, that’s all. I couldn’t think of anything else so say so I went on a grammar tangent.

I feel like “grammar tangent” should be a segment of a show.

I just got back from the Steubenville East conference yesterday and to sum it all up, it was awesome! Here are some highlights from the trip, which was three days by the way, in no particular order, except kind of in chronological order:

  • Me and my friend Zack waited in line for about a half an hour to get into confession (they have it 10pm-12am every night) and we were kind of near the end of the line, but not really. So anyways, this guy came up to us and told us that there were priests scattered around the second floor with no line that we could go to, so we got out of line and went but there were NONE! He LIED! Or we’re just blind… So anyways we got back in line and just barely made it.
  • In the cafeteria, instead of having a trash can, there is this super-amazing CONVEYOR BELT!! You just put all your trash and dishes on it and it goes into a room and it’s just SO cool.
  • I got a mustard stain on my pants…
  • I waited in line with four other people to go to confession. I obviously wasn’t going to go again, they were just the people that I hung out with the most so I waited with them. Anyways, we had to wait not one, not two, not three! But FOUR times, to get to confession! We even missed part of a performance to wait in line even more but that still wasn’t good enough. Each time we had to either go to a speech or go to lunch or dinner.
  • While waiting in line we wanted to take a picture of us looking up but we needed someone else, someone tall, to do it, so we asked this random guy and he was like “Sure!” so he got this chair and then kinda fell off of it, but then got back on and then took our picture. So worth it.
  • We went to the gift shop and someone in our group, Mitch, bought a little hand held fan but then forgot it because we were playing with it, so we took it and decided we were going to catch up with him later and give it to him. It turned out that he didn’t actually buy it, but then we now have stolen the fan from the gift shop.. But it’s okay because we went back later and just put it back. IT’S OKAY!!
  • This guy was walking around with a shirt that said “FREE HUGS” on it, and me and Dan decided that we HAD to hug him at one point, and on the last day during breakfast he sat at a table right next to ours so we hugged him and got to sign his shirt!