Un Sueño

January 15, 2010

So I was going to stop posting my dreams, but this one was really interesting so I decided to blog about it!

Basically, I was seeing what it was like if I was never born, but then suddenly showed up one day.

It started out like at this dock on the water, but it was under a bridge. And I was with my friend Erik and I was explaining to him that I was his friend, but he didn’t believe me because I wasn’t born! So then we were walking up the stairs to the street and I saw a jacket on the ground and it was the exact same one that Erik was wearing. I don’t know the importance of that…

Anyways! Then I went to school and I went to English class and I was explaining to my friends Bella and Heather, who I sit next to, that I was their friend, and they didn’t believe me. And then my best friend that lives in New York was in my class too, and I was telling him that I WAS actually born and that we’re friends and I went to his preschool! And he didn’t believe me, so I told him that when I switch back to me being born I was going to yell at him for not believing me. (And then after I woke up, I yelled at him. Well not yelled… You get it.) And then I went to Spanish, and somebody believed me!!!!! So then I got really excited.

And then, I had to cross to get to Babcock (even though Spanish is in Babcock, but whatever..) to get to lunch and everything was set up different. Mr. Spellman led the way for the students, and  if the late bell rang, this gate closed so no one could go down the little stairs to get to the door to go into the building! Well I didn’t know that, because it was different, so I just jumped over the gate and Mr. Spellman yelled at me. And also, the students were cheering me on.

Mr. Spellman led me into his office, which was right next to the cafeteria.. So then when we got there, I sat down and he was just talking to me, and then the door opened and these two lesbians were making out, and Mr. Spellman was like “stop..” (and usually he has the biggest temper in the entire world). So then he told me I could go, so then I went into the cafeteria and sat next to my friend that remembered me. And the cafeteria was really weird, it was like two rooms.. Anyways, that’s all I remember.



September 27, 2009

Okay I didn’t, I lied.

But in my dream I did!!

I was sitting in my seat in my biology class (which I’m not even actually taking) and there was a bee’s  nest over my head. It was like stuck in a spider web, and I stood up to observe it, and the person behind me pushed me into it and a bee stung me on my lip!

It didn’t really hurt that much. I kind of want to actually get stung by a bee and see which hurts more!

Dream #8

August 6, 2008

In this dream, it was raining really hard and I was just like sitting in my house. Then, Kyle Taylor and his whole family came to my house to ask me to swimming in the ocean with them… But it was pouring rain out so I said I couldn’t, then the started begging me, then I got a text from casey saying to go to hannah’s house asap for her Halloween party… So I started walking to her house then of started snowing really really REALLY hard, so there were like mounds of snow on the ground. Then when I met up with casey, I started jumping in them because snow is cool. Then when we got to hannah’s house I realized that I didn’t have my phone, so I started panicing!! Then this knitting group called me and told me that they found a phone, then I told them it was mine…
Then I woke up..