Glee: Throwdown

October 15, 2009

So, I don’t even know how I made it without making a post about Glee since it started. It’s probably the most amazing show in the entire world. On EARTH!

This weeks episode, Throwdown [Hulu link], was oookkkaayy. They sang No Air and Keep Holding On. Oh and they sang this other song for like 3 seconds, and it was just like there. I don’t even remember what it was.

And why was Emma not even in this episode? She’s my favorite character! She’s just like “oh!” and she’s just so cool!

And the WIFE! Terri! I cannot wait until Will finds out that she isn’t really pregnant. If her plan works (taking Quinn’s baby), then I’ll be very upset. Not that it would ever work; she’s crazy.

Emma better be in next week’s episode!


2 Responses to “Glee: Throwdown”

  1. Viciously Sweet Says:

    I totally agree. I didn’t realize Emma was such a vital character in the show, I really missed her grape cleaning and advice to Will and the kids. I hear next week she will be on, and will sing a song!

    Also Terri is straight up evil, can you believe a doctor would play along with her?

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