Time Machine FAIL

May 16, 2009

So, today I wasn’t really doing anything, so I thought that it would be a good idea to restore my hard drive, and then put everything back on with Apple’s Time Machine. If you’re wondering why I would erase everything just to put it back on again, It’s because Apple’s Disk Utility won’t let me erase the Linux partition that I don’t want anymore, nor would it erase my hard drive! To do that, I had to put in the restore disk and do it, from there!!

So I did that and then it started installing OS X so I went downstairs and when I came up about an hour later it was finished, so I proceeded through the installation, and it asked if I wanted to restore from a backup from Time Machine and I clicked yes. This is where everything starts to suck.

When I selected my network SSID, which was AirPort Exteme, it took about 25 minutes to find out that there was a hard drive connected to it. Then, it was doing something processing, and that took about an hour! Then it, for some reason, separated the backup into four parts, Files and Folders, Applications, Nick Silvestri, and Network. I, wanting to restore everything, selected all four. I was going to press continue, but it wouldn’t let me, because it had to finish calculating how much space all of the four things took up. That sounds reasonable right? Wrong. It took an hour and a half.

So then I pushed continue and then it started transferring my files, which the “estimated time” was six hours. At first I thought that was ridiculous, but then I realized that 140GB was a lot to transfer, especially wirelessly. It didn’t take six hours, it took seven! You might think, “eh, what’s another hour?” I could have watched an episode of LOST in an hour!!

You would think it ends there, but it doesn’t! After it booted up, I opened iTunes, and then this message came up:

iTunes error

Then I thought okay maybe the newest version of iTunes isn’t on my computer, for whatever reason. So I went to the website and downloaded it. I was going to just update it from the menu bar on top, but everything was grayed out! Thankfully though, everything was fine after I installed iTunes.

But then, when I was watching LOST (obviously), the Apple Updater came up! I had the wonderful surprise of downloading and installing all 1 GB of every single update since I got computer. Because, apparently, Time Machine doesn’t backup everything! It isn’t as streamlined as it appears.

Apple Updater

Thanks, Apple.

Update: I tried backing up everything today (May 24, 2009) and I noticed that it hadn’t been updated since May 16! Then it said that it had to backup 120 gigabytes of memory, which is weird because it only backs up new information. If that weren’t enough, it stops in the middle and says that it failed because “the hard drive could not mount.” I think that it might be because the HDD is too hot and overheated, so I’m going to leave it unplugged overnight and see what happens.

Update 2: So today (May 26, 2009) I hooked up the hard drive back to the Airport Extreme, and then it took a little while for it to recognize it, but that’s understandable. Then it started backing up, so I just let it do it’s thing, and when i looked at it like an hour later, it said that it had only backed up a few hundred kilobytes!!! So then I was like whatever, even if it takes really long, I’ll just leave it. So now, at 1:10 AM, it decided to stop at about 3 gigabytes! And I got this error message:screen grab 3

I don’t really understand this message because I’ve been using the internet the whole day, so it isn’t a network problem.

Update 3: So it just randomly started working again, but the first backup took more than 24 hours! And recently I’ve noticed slower speeds, but maybe that’s because I have uTorrent running in the background… for legal purposes of course….


2 Responses to “Time Machine FAIL”

  1. Leonce Says:

    Funny how I always hear the stories about people’s Macs absolutely failing on them. This is an instance where it “just failed” instead of “just worked”.

  2. Amberly Says:

    ha nick you would have a website..

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