I forgot which one it was, but this girl was talking about blogging, and how it’s like a archive of your life. and she said something about how she only knew her great grandmother by a picture she had of her and thats it, but when she’s a great grandmother people will know her from her blog!

so i was thinking… that is so cool! so when i’m like 100, my grand kids will be like what were you like when you were younger? then i would be like read my blog! i wonder if i’ll still have this domain. if i did, i’d be spending 15 dollars every year for it, and that would be like 1500 dollars! wow thats a lot. oh well its fun.



February 28, 2009

TED is a conference thing that happens every year and its really cool!

People give speeches there, and they can either be really funny, or really powerful. or both.



you can watch them online, and they’re only like 8-12 minutes

here’s the link: www.ted.com