Dream #12

November 15, 2008

this one’s short..

well, when i went to school, it was totally remodeled and everything was different! so when i was going to my 3rd period class, which was when i have to go to the Ward building. well when i went there, i went to the wrong place, and it looked like a jail! the guy there was really scary, and then the bell rang, which was when the door comes down from the ceiling and locks you in, only to open when the bell rings again! so i was just sitting there for an hour and a half, and the scary guy was sleeping too. then the bell rang and i left, and i went to lunch, then when i went to go across to Babcock Hall (which i dont usually do during 4th period..), i saw a huge moose walking across! so i threw a frisbee at it, and it turned to stone and died, and then it turned into a man and i felt bad because i killed him. it was a really weird..

okay done!


One Response to “Dream #12”

  1. Hannah Says:

    …..and you think IM weird?

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