Dream #11

November 15, 2008

this dream took place in April vacation, 2009, when the marching band is going to go to Florida….

weeellll…. instead of going to plane, we decided to go by submarine! and it wasnt like a regular one, where everything is crammed and its not fun, it was like an underwater cruise. so yea we were all just like chillin and then we had to practice in the band room that was there and it wasnt fun. but THEN, on the loud speaker, the guy driving it said that something about an auto thing was broken, and basically we were all going to die! so you would be expecting everybody to flip out and go crazy, but nobody did anything, even me, which is amazing! so then in like an hour, the submarine stopped! then, me and like 3 other people felt like taking a walk outside, so we opened the door, and (and this part is had to explain) the sub was in like a path of ice,  so we were in a big block of air, surrounded by ice….. so anyways, we were just walking around and then got bored and walked back in. then i called my mom and told her i was going to die and she was like okay! but then the sub started to go again and we ended back up in RI instead of Florida, so then i woke up…

BYE! i have another dream i’m going to write about in a few seconds that i also had last night!


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