So Those Hundred Pushups….

November 5, 2008

yea… those arent working out too well. or i just forgot about them

oh well, its not like i could ACTUALLY do 100 push ups.

i can do 20! thats a start! in our physical fitness test in PE i did 20. well actually i did 19, but i told him that i did 20. shhh, dont tell him okay? okay.


2 Responses to “So Those Hundred Pushups….”

  1. Hannah Says:

    WHAT!? you cheated on your fitness test TOO!?!?! BAD NICK!

  2. Vikas Gupta Says:

    Thanks Nick for the Yahoo answers correction on my blog!

    I am very health conscious; had even a six-pack homemade body last year (my health page even has my body pic!) but never did more than 30 push ups in one go!

    You have a nice blog; small sweet posts! Most people write long posts, alas!

    Gudnite ( I am in New Delhi, you are in the US, Rhode Island?)!

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