Stupid Hyundai Salesman…

September 15, 2008


te he šŸ˜›

my sister just bought a new car, and its a hyundai ellantra btw, and the salesman guy is really not cool. well i’ll tell you the WHOLE story, okay? first, my parents were going up to a baseball game in boston, and the car dealer is in north attleboro, so they stopped there to see what the price would be if they were to get the car there. and my dad asked to see the price with taxes included, like the final final price. so he was like okay 10 minutes, then it ended up taking like an hour to find out and then my parents were late to the baseball game šŸ˜¦ ! so when the game ended, my parents went back to buy the car and then he was like oh yea, you also have to buy this anti-theft thing, and pay this other fee etc… so that added like another 900 dollars, that he did not tell them! but they bought it anyways, and then he said that we could pick the car up on friday (this friday being the 5th). so then he called us on thursday and told us that the licence plates werent ready yet, but we could get the car with the dealer plates (which he wasnt supposed to do) and he would drive down to our house and give us the plates on monday. well monday comes around and he said that the plates werent ready yet, so he said wednesday at the latest. then on tuesday, we get a call and its for a survey about the salesman guy and my dad gave him an 8 out of 10, which is pretty good, right? so then on wednesday, some other guy calls us and told my mom that our salesman got suspended because he wasnt making enough sales, which my mom didnt believe since HIS FATHER WAS THE OWNER. and why would you tell us that? it has nothing to do with us at all and thats all he called about. all we wanted was the stupid plates. so then, on thursday or friday, he called us saying to come and get the plates. like, drive an hour and a half, 3 hours total, all the way up to massachusettes, to get licence plates, when he TOLD US, that HE would drive here to get them!!! so we dont get them, so then today, monday the 15th, he called our house when i was home, so i didnt answer it, and he left a message. and he was saying things about how we only gave him an 8/10 on the survey, how we wont drive up to get the plates, and how he’s the best person ever. so as of now, we’re not going to get the plates, since we have the dealer plates and we technically dont even need regular plates… and the difference between dealer plates and the kind that you get usually when you buy a car, is that dealer plates last forever, as with the other kind only last for like 10 or 20 days and then they expire. so HA! we win!

so theres just my little rant for ya.


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