Tech Survey

August 19, 2008

this survey was for youtube, but i dont really make videos, so i’m just writing a blog post about it.

1) Do you prefer XP or Tiger? –why?

uh… well i havent really used os x enough to compare the two, but i’m gonna get a mac for my next computer

2) Besides the Xbox 360, can you think of any good Microsoft products?

windows… zune… office…

3) Do you prefer wired or wireless peripherals?

overall, wireless

4) Why did you join YouTube?

at first, just to be able to comment videos

5) What is your favorite thing about YouTube?

subscribing to feeds!

6) Do you see yourself quitting YouTube anytime soon?

not really…

7) Does the Samsung Instinct even have the slightest chance of beating the iPhone?

beating as in out selling, then no… but i think its one of the best competitors

8) Linux or Windows?

i havent used linux once, but i’m interested in it. so… windows

9) How much RAM do you have in your computer?

my laptop has 1gb, and the desktop we have downstairs has 512mb… but i’m not sure on that one

10) How old are you?


11) What career do you want to pursue?

i was thinking about pharmacy, but i like graphic design a lot now that i got photoshop

12) Sunrise or sunset?


13) Morning or night person?

both… i can be really enthusiastic when i wake up, or be like dead. and i can stay up really late too

14) Batman or Spiderman?

that is a hard one… i’d say batman

15) What do you think of the “Mojave Experiment”?

i think its a nice try from microsoft, but seeing as how i havent seen it anywhere except the internet, they need better marketing

16) Are you glad Bill Gates retired?

no…? and he didnt even really retire, he still works part time at microsoft

17) Will you miss Steve Jobs when he retires?

yea, i think apple will change completely when he does

18) How important are computers in your life?

very, i’m on the internet at least like 2 hours a day

19) Do you have any websites?

this one! and i guess you could call my myspace and facebook websites too?

20) If so, do you have sponsors to help run the website(s) ?


21) Do you care what people think about you?

not really..

22) Wired or wireless internet?

if i can connect with an ethernet port, i would, but my laptop doesnt even work with it because the port broke. and if its wireless, i would use 802.11n for the fastest speeds

23) Linksys or D-Link?

i actually have a netgear router.

24) Best Buy or Circuit City?

best buy, since circuit city is supposedly going out of business soon… or within like 1-3 years

25) Where did you get your main computer?

we ordered both of our computers off the internet, so i guess right from the company

26) Are you happy with your life?


27) Black or white? (in general)

mmm…. white

28) Digital cameras or film cameras?

digital, since its so easy to print, share and upload photos with it

29) Firefox or Safari?

i use firefox as my main browser, but i use safari occasionally

30) HD-DVD or Blu-Ray?

since hd-dvd is dead, then blu-ray. but they really need to lower the price of the players and the disks for it to go mainstream.

okay… i know that most of my friends wont know half the things i said in there, but oh well!


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