I Got A New Kitty!

August 18, 2008

look! she’s really small! i took that pic with my phone, so it isnt really good. and it was in the car.
anyways, we just got her today! the reason why is because when we were just up in New York, my sister was staying over her friend’s house and they had been given a cat because a guy didnt want it or something… i dont really know the whole story… but anyways, they didnt really want it, so my parents let us take her! we already have a cat, so it wasnt that big of a hassle.

we dont really know what to name her… the people we got it from named her phiona (or however you spell it), my sister lisa wants to name her keara (but you emphasize on the first a, so its like “key-are-uh”) then my mom wants to name her hope… my other sister maria and i want to call her phiona, but i dont really care… and my dad doesnt care either.

but you see, i’m afraid that the same thing is going to happen that happened to our other cat! because we still dont really have a name for her, we just call her cat, or kitty. my dad wants her name to be coaly, but it never really caught on. so if we have 2 cats that have no names, then it will be rather confusing!

oh yea! when we brought our new cat home today, my old cat was all “HISS HISS! MEEEOOOOW!” so we brought my new cat in maria’s room. right now, we let them roam free (although we follow the kitty everywhere) since they are mildly civil now. keara didnt even like recognize that there was another cat in the house, maybe because she’s so young… idk

alright bye…

oh yea, by the way, i sorta left my laptop at my friends house all the way in new york, so i dont really know what i’m going to do about that. i could ask them to ship it here, but thats expensive for a laptop… i’ll probably just pay them back. i just wanted to tell you that for no reason.

okay bye!


One Response to “I Got A New Kitty!”

  1. Casey Says:

    DO NOT NAME NEW KITTY….then i feel bad for new kitty so call her kitty and the other cat so yea

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