My Money!

July 28, 2008

guess what! i have like 850 dollars now! well thats just in my bank, but i actually have like 20 more bucks! i’m saving up for a MacBook. i’m gonna get the 1100 dollar one, but with my dad’s discount that he gets from his work, its actually like 1033 dollars! i save 67 dollars. yay! oh yea, so with that, that only comes with 1GB of RAM, so i was gonna get 2GB of DDR2 RAM. i’m not gonna get it with the laptop, because apple totally overprices their memory (its a 100 dollar upgrade). and then with THAT, i was thinking about getting an Airport Express, which is a wireless router. the reason i want a new one is because the on i have now only transmits 802.11b/g, not 802.11n, which is faster. and the macbook comes with n in it. so all of that costs about 1200 dollars with tax included. ugh thats a lot!! oh well.


I’m thinking I should wait until a new MacBook is announced, since it’s well overdue… I think it’s been over 2 years? There was also a blog post on engadget about a new design of it, but that’s just a rumor now…
Okay so bottom line; I’m gonna wait awhile to get my new laptop (not that I could buy one now anyways cause I don’t have enough money)


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