Dream #6

July 17, 2008

sorry that i havent really posted anything in like 2 weeks. but you probably dont care… unless you’re obsessed with me and look at this site like everyday. okay so on to my awesome dream!

when i was in the car driving back up to new york, we had to go in this cave! so i was worried that the ends were going to fall down and that we would all be stuck in there and die. and that happend! the cave looked like the donkey kong stage in Mario Kart 64 by the way. so anyways, when it collapsed, everybody that was in their car got out and tried to move the rocks that were in the way of the exit, but that didnt work because they were too heavy! so we all kinda gave up and started to put bed sheets on the ground cause we were tired, then i fell asleep! so when i woke up, i noticed 2 huge windows that were on the cave that we could have just went through if we had noticed them before… then i woke up. EXCITING RIGHT??!?!?!!?! no…


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