Where the Hell is Matt?

July 31, 2008

go here to view it (i was going to just embed it in this post, but then you cant view it in high quality…which it says to)

is love this video! its really cool!

its about this guy and he travels the world doing this weird dance thing…
it is better than it sounds… just watch it


his name is David Choi, and his youtube channel is right…….HERE!

he’s really good, and right now he has 55,966 subscribers, me included.

his most viewed is a song he wrote himself called YouTube! its really good, well i think.

the songs he sings is a mix of ones he wrote and of ones that other people write/sing.

so… look!

My Money!

July 28, 2008

guess what! i have like 850 dollars now! well thats just in my bank, but i actually have like 20 more bucks! i’m saving up for a MacBook. i’m gonna get the 1100 dollar one, but with my dad’s discount that he gets from his work, its actually like 1033 dollars! i save 67 dollars. yay! oh yea, so with that, that only comes with 1GB of RAM, so i was gonna get 2GB of DDR2 RAM. i’m not gonna get it with the laptop, because apple totally overprices their memory (its a 100 dollar upgrade). and then with THAT, i was thinking about getting an Airport Express, which is a wireless router. the reason i want a new one is because the on i have now only transmits 802.11b/g, not 802.11n, which is faster. and the macbook comes with n in it. so all of that costs about 1200 dollars with tax included. ugh thats a lot!! oh well.


I’m thinking I should wait until a new MacBook is announced, since it’s well overdue… I think it’s been over 2 years? There was also a blog post on engadget about a new design of it, but that’s just a rumor now…
Okay so bottom line; I’m gonna wait awhile to get my new laptop (not that I could buy one now anyways cause I don’t have enough money)

New Banner!!

July 25, 2008

dont you like it?! i made it in photoshop… now i actually know how to use it. like i can change peoples’ hair color! thats pretty much all i know how to do, but i dont care. its fun!

i didnt really like my other banner. it was dumb.


Dream #7

July 17, 2008

i loved this dream! idk why since… well you’ll see.

okay, first i have to get out of the way the people in the dream, since you probably don’t know them…
my friend patrick, his youngest sister mara, his brother brendan, and his dad paul…. they’re in my dream… oh yea, i am too!

okay! so we were all on paul’s motor boat in narragansett and we were all just chillin there… then patrick fell off, but he was still holding onto the edge. while that was happening, there was a humoungous wave coming right towards us! so i helped patrick get on really fast so he could like, not die. when the wave hit us, the boat flipped over and me and brendan got a concussion, so we sank to the bottom. (bummer, i know) but the big bummer is that no one cared!! we were just sitting there, at the bottom for like 30 minutes while they were up there swimming. so after 30 minutes, i woke up and went to the surface and my nose was bleeding! then mara came up to me and said i was going to die within the next 10 minutes… even if i was, you dont tell somebody that! then i asked why nobody helped us, then paul explained how they tried to help brendan, by calling the hospital and they did that thing where they go: clear, and then shock you. all while he was explaining this, i didnt understand why they didnt come and get me! but anyways, after the shock thing didnt work, they put him back in the water, for some reason, and then they told me that he died. but none of them were sad in any way. weird. oh yea, when i looked underwater, i looked at brendan and his nose was bleeding, but the blood was sinking to the bottom and made a pile!

and then i woke up because somebody twittered something and i got that update on my phone.

Dream #6

July 17, 2008

sorry that i havent really posted anything in like 2 weeks. but you probably dont care… unless you’re obsessed with me and look at this site like everyday. okay so on to my awesome dream!

when i was in the car driving back up to new york, we had to go in this cave! so i was worried that the ends were going to fall down and that we would all be stuck in there and die. and that happend! the cave looked like the donkey kong stage in Mario Kart 64 by the way. so anyways, when it collapsed, everybody that was in their car got out and tried to move the rocks that were in the way of the exit, but that didnt work because they were too heavy! so we all kinda gave up and started to put bed sheets on the ground cause we were tired, then i fell asleep! so when i woke up, i noticed 2 huge windows that were on the cave that we could have just went through if we had noticed them before… then i woke up. EXCITING RIGHT??!?!?!!?! no…

thats right! me!!! i just fixed it like 3 seconds ago! how, might you ask? well, i had to put windows on our portable hard drive, cause for some reason, the disk cant be read directly from my laptop’s optical drive. so, i put the windows cd and the hard drive in our desktop and copied the files, then i hooked up the hard drive into my laptop and booted it up and it worked!! its a little slow because its reading all the files through a cable… but i dont care!! i fixed it!!!!! ah hahahah!!! oh yea, if you were wondering (which you probably weren’t) what the problem was in the first place, it was that my laptop couldnt find an OS to boot to, so i couldnt do anything really…

YAY!! I FIXED IT!!! i’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay bye… this will probably be my last post since i’m going on vacation, as i said in my other (short) post.
i’ll be gone for about 10 days, so…. yea.