Dream #5

June 29, 2008

i havent written one of my dreams in a long time!! to be specific, since may 11…so its been over a month. the reason being because i never remember my dreams, or they’re stupid or really short.

okay, in this one, it was the end of my vacation in New York, and my mom drove up to pick me up and then go to the airport to fly back to Rhode Island… i dont know why…. anyways… patrick’s mom went with us because meghan ran away and she thought she could find her at the airport. which was weird since it was an hour away from their house… but ironically, she was there! i saw her then ran toward her because she was just about to get on a plane to the carribean. so after i caught her, i went to the bathroom or something (i left the place where meghan was) and when i came back, she wasnt there!! i yelled “SHIT!” (sorry for the language) and i ran to the boarding station. the door was closing (by itself…) and i grabbed the door knob but it was too heavy! so the door closed and then my dad woke me up…so…….

it ended!!!



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