Funny Blogs

June 24, 2008

there are two blogs, that are made from the same person, that are really funny!

so, i thought i shoud share them with the world!! or at least the people who read this…which is like 2 people. no just kidding. well yea. actually i almost have 1000 hits, maybe by the time you read this!………wow i’m off topic, okay! so the first one is called the fail blog. it takes pictures off the internet and that fail………well its hard to explain, so just look at it anyways. just click on that link. or if you dont feel like it, go to

the second one has a weird name, that nobody who reads this would get, but its called and its cool….. it gets pictures of cats or other animals and writes funny captions of them. its funny. and it all started with this one picture that has the caption “i can has cheez burger?” oh yea, a bunch of things are spelt wrong because its like cats are saying them, and i guess cats dont know how to spell…

okay, so just go to those sites. they are cool.


One Response to “Funny Blogs”

  1. sunny Says:

    Hey thanks buddy the sites you suggested looked cool and consisted really funny stuff. I too have a collection of such funny stuff you should also peep it once, My Collection.

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