June 9, 2008

OMG I’M SO ANNOYED!!  i get more than 6 calls a day from this friggen company that keeps telling me to update my car warrenty….I DONT EVEN HAVE A CAR!!! this has been going on since about 5 months, and i want it to DIE!!! i just got a call like 2 seconds ago, and i listened to the automated girl say “its not too late! you can still update your car warrenty! this is the last call! press 1 to speak to a representative now!” btw, i’ve heard “this is the last call” like 50,000,000 times. so i pressed 1, and the guy said hi, and then something about my car and its warrenty. i said, no–can you stop calling me, i dont have a car!…then i got REALLY MAD because he hung up on my and said “thank you for calling, bye.” first off, i did not call them, they called me! second, I HOPE THEY DIE!!    also, i’ve told them that i dont have a car and every time, they were like, oh i’m sorry for the inconvenience, i’ll take your name off the list….funny!!

totally out of subject, but the new iPhone out today =]

but i’m still mad!!!!!


One Response to “AHH!!”

  1. Casey Says:

    Omg they keep calling me too

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