guess what!!!! i read a book yesterday!!!!the gospel according to larry

i hate reading, so this is big deal for me… i read the book that the eighth graders have to read to go into the english class in high school. its called The Gospel According to Larry (as you can see by the title). i loved this book so much that i read all 220 pages of it yesterday! oh yea, btw the picture on the right is suposed to be all pixelated on the bottom…

this book is so good!!!!!!!!! like in the middle/endish, theres this HUGE plot twist and the whole thing changes!! hey this time, i didnt read the last page before i read the book, which i usually do, even though it doesnt make any sense to me since i dont know what the book is about anyways.

bottom line: READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do it. now. please?!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!???!??!?!?!?!

i might even read it again cause it was so much fun reading it the first time!


Dream #5

June 29, 2008

i havent written one of my dreams in a long time!! to be specific, since may 11…so its been over a month. the reason being because i never remember my dreams, or they’re stupid or really short.

okay, in this one, it was the end of my vacation in New York, and my mom drove up to pick me up and then go to the airport to fly back to Rhode Island… i dont know why…. anyways… patrick’s mom went with us because meghan ran away and she thought she could find her at the airport. which was weird since it was an hour away from their house… but ironically, she was there! i saw her then ran toward her because she was just about to get on a plane to the carribean. so after i caught her, i went to the bathroom or something (i left the place where meghan was) and when i came back, she wasnt there!! i yelled “SHIT!” (sorry for the language) and i ran to the boarding station. the door was closing (by itself…) and i grabbed the door knob but it was too heavy! so the door closed and then my dad woke me up…so…….

it ended!!!


Funny Blogs

June 24, 2008

there are two blogs, that are made from the same person, that are really funny!

so, i thought i shoud share them with the world!! or at least the people who read this…which is like 2 people. no just kidding. well yea. actually i almost have 1000 hits, maybe by the time you read this!………wow i’m off topic, okay! so the first one is called the fail blog. it takes pictures off the internet and that fail………well its hard to explain, so just look at it anyways. just click on that link. or if you dont feel like it, go to

the second one has a weird name, that nobody who reads this would get, but its called and its cool….. it gets pictures of cats or other animals and writes funny captions of them. its funny. and it all started with this one picture that has the caption “i can has cheez burger?” oh yea, a bunch of things are spelt wrong because its like cats are saying them, and i guess cats dont know how to spell…

okay, so just go to those sites. they are cool.

I’m Going to NY Again

June 17, 2008

but this time, i’m not going to Long Island! i’m going to upstate new york, which is where i used to live, so i’m going to stay with my friend. he’s not out of school yet, until friday i think, so i’ll probably just hang out with his sister when he’s in school. which is fun : ). i’m staying until the 29th of june. i might post something between now and then, but probably not. i’ll twitter though…so you can follow me here! and if you didnt get twitter yet, get it. you dont need twitter to look at my updates though…just saying.

okay, i just felt like saying this because i probably wont post a new post in a long time, and you might have been worried about me!! lol okay bye.


June 11, 2008

this is so fun!!! its really easy to play, but its hard to get a good score…well, for me it is.

we were playing this in design today, and my top score was 800 something…but when i just played it, i only got like 300! that is not good.

so anyways, play it!!

HERE!! or you could just click on the picture..

Update 1: haha!! my new high score is……..!!!
Update 2: my new high score is…

i officially rule..

Last Change, I Promise

June 10, 2008

okay, i changed the banner thing again….but i wont anymore, i promise. actually, i probably will…but thats okay. they’re fun to make, and i didnt like the other one i made. this one is cooler!!



June 10, 2008

she is rather good–for a six year old…

I am obviously better. no jk…