30 Days

May 31, 2008

i just finished watching “30 Days” on FX, and its really cool!! if you dont know, which you probably dont, the show is about a guy who does something for 30 days…it sounds boring, but its awesome. oh yea, “Supersize Me” is based on this show.


i’d hate to be that guy. so anyways, the episode i watched today was when he goes to jail for 30 days. the show is really good, or at least this episode was. when he went to jail, he was placed in the wing of the building where drug abusers/dealers were. and in the beginning, jail looked fun!! all you do is just sit there, and do whatever you want in the big room thing. jail layout is totally different than they are publicitized. if thats a word. they dont have bars to lock up the criminals, they’re just doors with a tiny window. anyways, he meets a bunch of people who’s lives were ruined by doing drugs, but they’re not like bad people. they just suck at living.

oh yea! theres this really cool part, well it just shows you pretty much the worst thing that could dhappen to you in prison: solitary confinement!!! they just lock you in a really small room, and all it has is a bed and a toilet. he was sent in it for 27 hours. or maybe it was 22. i forgot. but anyways, just just put you in it, only letting you out to take a shower. also, when he was narrating, he said that some people are sent to go in it for a WHOLE YEAR. I WOULD KILL MYSELF!! i would be so bored!!! they dont let you bring anything with you either, like the guy was going to bring a book to read, but they didnt let him.

oh yea, another thing, i thought they didnt let you use anything that can kill you in jail! like, they didnt let you have show laces because you can hang yourself from it. but in this one, they give you like razors to shave and other stuff like that. oo! there was this really cool thing that a guy made up that cuts your hair. well, it isnt even that interesting, but if you tape the razor on a comb, then it can shave your head! oh yea, they also have this thing that can put tatoos on people, again, i dont know why the jail administators let them use a needle thing…

wow this is long…so i’ll end it!


oh yea, the next new episode is on at 9pm, i think, on friday on FX….or if you live near me, then channel 53.


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