I, Am Mega Talented.

May 27, 2008

well, not really. but LOOK! up on the header!!! look at the new image thing!! i made it! its so cooler now!!! it looks all…3D-y. i love it!!!!! i’m so excited that i made it!! yayayay!!! okay, i’m not that excited, i just love it now. before, i was kinda like..okay cool, but now i’m super mega happy!! and it didnt even take that long to make, only like 45 minutes. i used photoshop for it, which is rather easy to use! okay so yea, i just wanted to point out that theres a new image header thing. i dont actually know what its called. oh well, who cares?! I MADE IT!!! now i definately deserve a jump for joy picture…


oh yea, i also kinda updated the About section. so click that!


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