Gosh, I Worked Hard Today

May 26, 2008

today, i was woken up at 10am, and that is very early on a weekend. so anyways, i stayed in my room till about 10:30 and went downstairs, and found out that i had to wash and wax our boat at our beach house today. that was such a let down…. so we left at like noon and it takes about 30-40 minutes to get there. me and my dad (or my dad and i…whatever) worked on the the boat for….4-5 hours? wow that sounds like a long time, but it kinda flew by i guess. so when it was all ready, my mom drove there, to help us put it in the water. which, by the way, is A LOT hearder than it sounds! you dont just like pick up the boat and then drop it in the water–no no. you have to hook up the boat-holder thing to the car (which i found out today that we dont have it registered, and we were really close to getting pulled over when we were driving) and then you have to drive it to the dock thing. then you have to tie the boat to the dock, then slowly back up into the water so the boat goes in the water, then tie up all the wires, then put up the 2 poles, then put the motor on, then untie all the ropes, then go over to the docking place, where you put your boat. the place where we put our sail boat isnt attached to a dock, its like anchored in the middle of the water, so to anchor it, you have to grab the pole thing thats floating in the water, then grab it, then tie it to your boat! so we did that, but realised that we had no way to get to shore, lol. so we unhooked everything and went to shore, then got the canoe that we usually use to get from the shore to the boat, and brought it back with us. then we hooked everything up and paddled back to shore. then we drove back to our beach house to put the boat holder thing back. its actually called a trailer, but when i say that, i think of a trailer house thing. oh yea! when we put it back, we rest it on cynder blocks, and i got my finger caught between them! i took a picture, of my finger, idk y. maybe you would be curious to see it! just click on that link, but dont if you get all freaked out by stuff like that. its not even that bad, since i took that like 2 hours after it actually happened, and it wasnt even that bad to begin with. okay, so yea, that was my long hard day. but i didnt have anything else better to do, so i didnt really care. and i got paid 40 bucks! =]


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