5 Things About School, That I Dislike

May 23, 2008

i couldnt think of a new post, so i just thought of another 5 things thing. they are very easy to write, so i’ll probably do it more often, since i have nothing else to write about! so yea i chose school, cause its being annoying lately. i dislike it…….GO!

  1. HOMEWORK. oh my god, its so annoying! we just got out of school after 6-7 hours of work, you want us to do more? well, i dont want to =[. i havent done my social studies homework in the past 2 days, but he didnt check it. i brought it home for the weekend, so i might do it now. well not now cause its 12am, but like saturday or sunday. ya know? yea, you know.
  2. assigned seats. these are pretty annoying also. what if the person you sit next to smells bad (not mentioning any names) or you aren’t very fond of the person anyways? ever thought about that? and also, i sit next to the same 3 people in every class because their last names are close to mine, alphabetically. they should let people who dont fool around be able to sit next to whoever they want, and people who do, not be able to!
  3. teachers. well most of them, at least in my school. some are terrible at teaching, like we do the same thing everyday: read, answer questions, take notes. boring, right? that is literally like what we do everyday, except the past few days. but still, catch my drift? oh and also, when the teacher is in a bad mood or, “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”, and then takes it out on the students. uhh…hi! its not out fault! and then theres just teachers who are evil anyways, so you cant change them!
  4. other people in school. or pretty much how they ruin stuff for everybody. you know, that just brings eveybody’s day down…but at least this eyar they are actually punishing kids! last year, they were just like “oh, okay! dont do it again!” like that does anything! i like my new teachers, well most of ’em. they actually do something about people being retards.
  5. Assemblies. people at my school probably know which one i’m talking about in particular. but, if you dont know, we recently had to watch these weird dancer people sing/dance/take clothes off to music. it was very stupid. it had no point. i dont see how it was school related at all. and the only reason i’m mad is becuase they made it so hey canceled band that day, so the entire school could see them! and the reason why this band was so important is because it was the whole 7th and 8th grade band combined practice, which doesnt happen very often, so now we had to skip whatever class we were in today at 6th period. and i hate doing that, cause then you have to make everything back up, which is never fun.

wow, i should be the principal, i come up with such good ideas to reform our school education system!


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