5 Things That Bug Me

May 21, 2008

or “pet-peevs” if you will. i decided to do more of those 5 things that countdown…from 1 to 5. so i guess it could be a countup. actually, i only do 1 to 5 because it wont let me do 5 to 1. i could manually do it, but i dont want to! so yea, i’ve already done two, why not three? this was the only title i thought of, so i just went with it. okay, GO!

  1. when people say iTouch insted of iPod Touch. it is very annoying. it is wrong. it is not right. if you say it, stop. now. PLEASE?!
  2. when people dont stop for you when you want to cross the street. like are you in that much of a rush that you cant stop for 2 seconds to let somebody go?! NO!!! lol i’m not that mad about it, its just annoying
  3. when people on American Idol are kept on not because they sing good, but because they are different. like Sanjaya, or that other gay guy that was on this season (7), i forgot his name. i just thank God that he didnt win.
  4. When people are mean to eachother. and not like bantering (vocab word =] ), but like being mean to make themselves look better. and also, when people aren’t nice to somebody who isnt well liked, just to fit in. and a bunch of people do it at my school to a certain person who shall not be named. but if you go to my school, then you know who it is. probably.
  5. when people dont trust you. like in school, you cant do anything! like chew gum. they think u’ll stick it under the desk, which people do anyway, only because they dont want to get caught chewing gum because there is a rule against it!  or something else like when ur parents dont trust you going out with your friends. they think u’ll do drugs (which some people do…) or get drunk (also what people do anyways) or go to a makeout party!!! lol but still, you get my point.

okay, there they are. i didnt even have 5 things in mind, so this took me like an hour just to come up with those.


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