May 20, 2008

Sorry I haven’t written a post in a while, I just didnt have time…  But! I have two more posts coming up, possibly 3, idk or four!!. Oh  yea, I might keep changing that side bar over there –>. Not that you
care or anything. I might take off that thing that shows you how many  people are on right now, sincep it usually says 1. Instead, I put how  many hits I’ve gotten total. Right now i think its in the high 500’s,  but dont quote me on that. I’m actually typing this on my iPod right now, so I can’t check. Well I could go get my laptop, but its 11pm,  and I’m tired. Okay, so check back later for new posts. Or maybe ur
here like two days after I’m writing this, so if thats the case, I  hope u enjoyed those posts! Lol bye…


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