An Update, I Guess

May 20, 2008

i was going to title this “I’m Thinking About Getting..” because i was going to explain what i was thinking about getting!! hence the title…but then i decided to put like 3 posts into one. so i just named it “An Update, I Guess.”   so anyways, have fun!!

i want to get a new laptop! mine is so sucky, and slow, and boring, and the fan doesnt work! i feel like i’ve said this before, and i probably did. i’m thinking about getting a MacBook, cause i like how its all like….everything! its so cool. also, i’m kinda annoyed of Windows. its just boring me. and i know i could probably get Windows Vista, but i want OS X better. everything looks like the menu stuff in iTunes, but not. like with the titles on the left, and you click on them! you probably have heard of it from the “PC vs. Mac” commercials, which are very effective in my opinion, cause now i want to buy one!

you might be wondering how i’m gonna get money for that! well, i’ve decided i want to work down at the beach! i’m gonna park cars in a parking lot! and if you are thinking that i am actually going to drive the cars, then you’re not alone! everybody thinks that. what i would do is take the money from the person who wants to park, and tell them where to park. i tell them where because theres no line to separate cars, so i must direct them to be organised. the only thing i’m afraid of is if the person doesnt park where i tell them, and i have to tell them to go move it…that would be awkward.

okay, lastly, i’m thinking about buying a domain name for this website! you probably dont know what a domain name is, so i shall tell you. its pretty much just like a website URL. so mine would be as apposed to you’re probably wondering why i dont just get one, and thats cause it costs money! if i got it from wordpress, it costs 15 $ a year. once i get a job, i’ll probably just get it, since that rate is cheap compared to other rates. i wish they just gave it to me for free, i mean whats the problem with that? nothing. well, the hosting services wouldnt get any money…but who cares? nobody.

okay so yea, thanks for reading all that! you probably didnt, and just scrolled down to here, but thats okay. i dont really care. okay, bye.


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