Cha Cha!

May 12, 2008

this website is so cool! its not really a website, its like a service you set up for your phone that answers questions. just whatever, i’ll explain it.

okay just click Cha Cha. but if that doesnt work, cause it didnt work for me, i just went to Google and searched Cha Cha and clicked the first one. so anyways, you click on the screen on the phone on the left and type your question. the reason why this is different than other things like Google Mobile is because its an actual human that answers your question! their answer will be sent to your phone via a text message.

hey click that–>

also, if you dont want to go to the website to ask, then text 242-242 your question! that number is cha-cha, if you didnt realize. so anyways, when i tried it, to see if it worked, i just asked a random question:

who is the actor that plays on the wedding singer?

the message i got was:

“The main actor in The Wedding Singer is Adam Sandler. Thanks for asking ChaCha and have a swell evening.

you know, nobody says swell anymore. well its not like anybody in our generation said it ever, but in old shows like the brady bunch, they say it all the time! anyways that answered my question! so after that, i wanted to see if the the texting thing worked, and i asked:

“who is the President of Apple?”

and i know its Steve Jobs, but i got a bunch of other information too! this is the message:

Steve Jobs is the president of Apple. He founded it on April 1, 1976. He was a former programmer for Atari. Thanks !

i guess the link they give you on the bottom is the answer and question they give you.

so yea…try it! its fun. also, you can ask questions like What is a good place to eat Chinese food in (where ever you live)?   so yea. do it. its cool. oh yea, its free. just in case you were wondering. well, “standard text massaging rates apply.”


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