My Dream #4

May 11, 2008

okay, in this dream, Helen was over my house, and she said, “lets go to the Simon Mall”. then i said that there was no such thing as the Simon Mall. then she said that it was the mall that had all these stores (i forget which). then i corrected her  by saying it was called the Crystal Mall, and that its part of a chain of calls that a guy named simon owns. she didnt believe me, so we had to go there to prove it. i asked my dad to bring us and he said, “okay, lets go in the convertable!” so we went in my garage and we noticed that it was raining out, so we got ponchos and blankets, so we didnt get wet in the car. (i dont see why we didnt just put down the roof…) anyways, when we got there it said Simon Mall and i was proved wrong :(.

thats all i remember. so yea.


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