I. Hate. Viruses.

May 9, 2008

okay, so i have this really annoying virus on my computer, and i hate it! well nobody likes them, but i’m just mad that i have one…cause i bought my laptop, and now i’m sad that it’s dying. well actually i’m typing on it right now, but a popup comes up every like 2 seconds telling me that i have a virus and i should download this thing to get rid of it. but i dont want to download anything because i dont know what i’m downloading! i’ve tried like everything to get rid of it, like i re-installed Windows XP, which did nothing. I made a new account on my computer becuase the other one wouldnt let me use the Ctrl+Alt+Delete thing. also, i was bored so i made it look like windows 98, and i like it. i’m gonna keep it like that. so after that, i put all my documents and music and stuff onto our external hard drive, just in case i lose everything and have to get a new hard drive, then i’ll still have everything. and that whole thing took an hour also, i dont even know, i just left it running in my room and went back 2 hours later and it was done. next, i installed an antivirus suite on my computer via a CD. its on our other computer too, so i put it on mine, and it takes forever to scan my computer!!! i’m running it now and its been running for like 2 hours at the least. and right now, its only scanned 45,000 files. you’d think thats a lot, but its not. so now i’m mad, cause i’m probably going to end up getting a new hard drive, and i dont even know how much they cost, but i want like at least 100GB, cause right now i have 80, and i’m using 79.5 lol, so i need more space. so back to that virus thing, it changed the background on my screen!!! its really annoying and when you click on it at all, then internet explorer comes up, which i hate, and tells me to download yet another thing. you should use Firefox, its way cooler than Internet Explorer. do it. its cool. its not really, i just like it better. i’m using it now!

hey i just found out how to get that ugly red background off my screen!!! yay, i’m happy now. although this doesnt really help me at all and its just going to appear again after i start it up again, so whats the point? nothing.

so anyways, i guess i’ll write another post when i find out what i’m going to do, or when my laptop breaks or something like that. not that anybody cares. but oh well. bye!


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