Mario Kart Wii…ehh

May 5, 2008

i just bought mario kart wii yesterday…and its okay. its not like THAT fun. and i HATE how if you’re playing with 2 people, ur still playing against like 10 more computers. like seriously, what were they thinking?! its gay. i hate it. i hate it so much i had to write a blog post about it. not that anybody cares. oh, but i like the Wii Wheel! its fun, but its hard to use. i keep hitting myself in the face with it….cause when you go over a jump, then you’re supposed to pull it toward you to do a trick.  okay bye.


2 Responses to “Mario Kart Wii…ehh”

  1. Casey Says:

    I am the best at this game you can never ever beat me lol jk i suck at it but i did get first once at your house remember but all the other times i got LAST 🙂

  2. Actually, you can set it so that you play only with your friend (or whoever is playing with you). It’s just that the default is to race with the CPUs.

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