5 Movies That You Should Watch

May 2, 2008

i was originally going to title this: Snakes on a Plane, cause thats a movie that i watched to today, but then i decided to put in a bunch on movies that you should watch, so i titled it differently. i guess i’ll make a countdown! how about…5 movies. 1 would be the movie that you absolutely need to watch or else you’ll die. well not really, but oh well…  click that now->

5. Snakes on a PlaneSnakes on a Plane
surprised? i just said i watched it! so yea, its a really cool movie. but it has like no plot, its just cool. well, the sorta-kinda-plot is that this guy is a witness to a crime and needs to fly a plane to LA (i think, i forget where) but the guy who committed the crime doesn’t want him there, so he puts a bunch of angry snakes on the plane. if you’re wondering how a guy managed to put an entire crate of snakes onto the plane without anybody noticing….he put them in this locked crate, and just put it in as a luggage, so it went in the back of the plane, or wherever else they go. then, he put a little timer on it, so after like an hour, the crate opened! and i think like hundreds of them crawl out. its really cool!! but like half of the people die…but some dont, and those people are smart. i hate in movies, like the Titanic or whatever, how people are really stupid and just sit there and die, while 2 people are smart and save themselves. okay, so yea, watch Snakes on a Plane!

4. A Stir of Echoes
this movie is also cool, in a weird way. i haven’t seen it in like 2 years. but i remember that i loved it. me A Stir of Echoesand my sister were just flipping through channels and saw this one. its kind of a scary movie, but not really. so anyways, the movie is about this guy that is like haunted by this ghost-thing thats in his house. and the reason why she died, well first, shes only like 15, but she died because these people tried to rape her, but then she started screaming really loud, so they put a plastic pag over her head, and she died. lol. oh wait thats not funny. so after those people killed her, they put her behind the bricks in the basement of the house that the guy is now living in. so the guy goes crazy trying to find the girl’s body to like, idk, kill it more, while his kid can like hear the girl’s voice or something. like, the girl is his imaginary friend, so the parents dont really pay attention to what he says, but its true. if you do watch this movie, then do not watch the second one!!!! its really stupid!! i just rented it a couple of weeks ago and it has nothing to do with the first one at all. only that he’s haunted by something. its not even the same actor. i hate when movies do that. thats why Home Alone 3 and 4 weren’t as popular. so yea…watch this movie!!

3. Super StarSuperstar!
lol this movie is really funny. the actor people are Molly Shanon and Will Farrell, who were both on SNL. its about this girl, Mary Katherane Gallagher, who’s goes to a Catholic school, and then she’s put in special education, cause she’s weird. also, every night, she prays that she can kiss someone, and shes like 17, and shes…like dorky. anyways, she wants to kiss this guy, Sky Corrigan (who’s Will Farrell) but he’s already going out with Evian!! oh no!! so anyways, she’s really really weird, and so is her grandmother, and everybody else in her special ed class. oh yea. she licks trees. yea. trees.

2. Scream
i like this movie a lot, and i was gonna put it at number one, but i decided not to. so as you probably know, thisSream is a scary movie, and its also kinda funny. the movie is about this girl who’s mom got murdered by this guy, and that same guy wants to kill the girl! i havent seen this movie very recently, so i barely remember it. all i remember is that this random girl’s boyfriend got his stomach cut open and all of his insides were…outside, and then the girl got hung on a tree! but thats like the beginning and really has nothing to do with anything. i guess because Scream did it, but thats it. also, the movie makes you think, becuase you think that scream is this guy, but then he goes to jail and then Scream kills another person, so it cant be the same guy can it? oh yea, this movie isn’t like that scary, well i didnt think it was, and it was awesome! i wanted to see the second and third one, but they’re rated R and i cant rent a rated R movie without a parent….stupid BlockBuster. so yea. watch Scream……so now….NUMBER ONE:

1. Poseiden
i love this movie!! its my all-time favorite movie. so therefore, you have to watch it. this movie is about a boat, and the boat is named Poseiden, and a humongous wave is coming near it!! so the captain, or the person steering the boat, tries to steer it so the front of the boat hits dead on into the wave, so it doesnt tip over. but they juuuuuuust miss it, and it tips over, oh ho!! Poseidon

so basically everybody is in the main plaza thing, because it is nighttime, and it is New Years!! what a great way to start a new year, getting hit by a big wave. that sucks. so anyways, when the boat tips over, the whole plaza acts as an air bubble that holds the ship up, so the people in it are advised to stay in the bubble. but like 6 people decide not to, becuase they are smart!! and they go through a bunch of obstacles to get out of the boat, while losing some people. this movie is really good! and it has a bunch of moments that make you cringe because you think they’re all gonna die, but they dont. so you definately have to watch this movie!!


4 Responses to “5 Movies That You Should Watch”

  1. mauthor Says:

    I liked snake on a plane, it was a really fun movie. I thought stir of echoe was okay, they compared that movie to the sixth sense( although i liked sixth sense better than this movie). Scream, of course, is a great movie( check out the other sequels), but i don’t agree with your number one choice. this remake didn’t leave up to the expectation as the classic one. if you haven’t seen the original, you should definitely check it out( it’s called “the poseiden adventure”), that one was way better than the remake.

  2. nick Says:

    oh, i didnt even know that Poseiden was a remake! i’m gonna check out the other one later i guess then…thanks!

  3. John Pacitti Says:

    the only good movies on this list of yours would be : Poseidon, Scream, and maybe just maybe snakes on a plane. the other ones i have never heard of and i would probably never watch just because u said i should 🙂 (jkjk)

  4. Casey Says:

    Nick you are totally upsessed with poseidon and you have to stop telling people about movies cause when we all watched poseidon at your house you gave away every part by going “ahhh I hate this part” so we knew something bad was going to happen.

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