30 Days

May 31, 2008

i just finished watching “30 Days” on FX, and its really cool!! if you dont know, which you probably dont, the show is about a guy who does something for 30 days…it sounds boring, but its awesome. oh yea, “Supersize Me” is based on this show.


i’d hate to be that guy. so anyways, the episode i watched today was when he goes to jail for 30 days. the show is really good, or at least this episode was. when he went to jail, he was placed in the wing of the building where drug abusers/dealers were. and in the beginning, jail looked fun!! all you do is just sit there, and do whatever you want in the big room thing. jail layout is totally different than they are publicitized. if thats a word. they dont have bars to lock up the criminals, they’re just doors with a tiny window. anyways, he meets a bunch of people who’s lives were ruined by doing drugs, but they’re not like bad people. they just suck at living.

oh yea! theres this really cool part, well it just shows you pretty much the worst thing that could dhappen to you in prison: solitary confinement!!! they just lock you in a really small room, and all it has is a bed and a toilet. he was sent in it for 27 hours. or maybe it was 22. i forgot. but anyways, just just put you in it, only letting you out to take a shower. also, when he was narrating, he said that some people are sent to go in it for a WHOLE YEAR. I WOULD KILL MYSELF!! i would be so bored!!! they dont let you bring anything with you either, like the guy was going to bring a book to read, but they didnt let him.

oh yea, another thing, i thought they didnt let you use anything that can kill you in jail! like, they didnt let you have show laces because you can hang yourself from it. but in this one, they give you like razors to shave and other stuff like that. oo! there was this really cool thing that a guy made up that cuts your hair. well, it isnt even that interesting, but if you tape the razor on a comb, then it can shave your head! oh yea, they also have this thing that can put tatoos on people, again, i dont know why the jail administators let them use a needle thing…

wow this is long…so i’ll end it!


oh yea, the next new episode is on at 9pm, i think, on friday on FX….or if you live near me, then channel 53.


I, Am Mega Talented.

May 27, 2008

well, not really. but LOOK! up on the header!!! look at the new image thing!! i made it! its so cooler now!!! it looks all…3D-y. i love it!!!!! i’m so excited that i made it!! yayayay!!! okay, i’m not that excited, i just love it now. before, i was kinda like..okay cool, but now i’m super mega happy!! and it didnt even take that long to make, only like 45 minutes. i used photoshop for it, which is rather easy to use! okay so yea, i just wanted to point out that theres a new image header thing. i dont actually know what its called. oh well, who cares?! I MADE IT!!! now i definately deserve a jump for joy picture…


oh yea, i also kinda updated the About section. so click that!

today, i was woken up at 10am, and that is very early on a weekend. so anyways, i stayed in my room till about 10:30 and went downstairs, and found out that i had to wash and wax our boat at our beach house today. that was such a let down…. so we left at like noon and it takes about 30-40 minutes to get there. me and my dad (or my dad and i…whatever) worked on the the boat for….4-5 hours? wow that sounds like a long time, but it kinda flew by i guess. so when it was all ready, my mom drove there, to help us put it in the water. which, by the way, is A LOT hearder than it sounds! you dont just like pick up the boat and then drop it in the water–no no. you have to hook up the boat-holder thing to the car (which i found out today that we dont have it registered, and we were really close to getting pulled over when we were driving) and then you have to drive it to the dock thing. then you have to tie the boat to the dock, then slowly back up into the water so the boat goes in the water, then tie up all the wires, then put up the 2 poles, then put the motor on, then untie all the ropes, then go over to the docking place, where you put your boat. the place where we put our sail boat isnt attached to a dock, its like anchored in the middle of the water, so to anchor it, you have to grab the pole thing thats floating in the water, then grab it, then tie it to your boat! so we did that, but realised that we had no way to get to shore, lol. so we unhooked everything and went to shore, then got the canoe that we usually use to get from the shore to the boat, and brought it back with us. then we hooked everything up and paddled back to shore. then we drove back to our beach house to put the boat holder thing back. its actually called a trailer, but when i say that, i think of a trailer house thing. oh yea! when we put it back, we rest it on cynder blocks, and i got my finger caught between them! i took a picture, of my finger, idk y. maybe you would be curious to see it! just click on that link, but dont if you get all freaked out by stuff like that. its not even that bad, since i took that like 2 hours after it actually happened, and it wasnt even that bad to begin with. okay, so yea, that was my long hard day. but i didnt have anything else better to do, so i didnt really care. and i got paid 40 bucks! =]

oh. my. God!

May 24, 2008

oh my god! that is friggen rediculous! it takes me like an hour to get to world 6, but he beats it in 5 minutes!?!?!?!?!!!? okay not really an hour, but still. i’m so jealous. insanely jealous.

i couldnt think of a new post, so i just thought of another 5 things thing. they are very easy to write, so i’ll probably do it more often, since i have nothing else to write about! so yea i chose school, cause its being annoying lately. i dislike it…….GO!

  1. HOMEWORK. oh my god, its so annoying! we just got out of school after 6-7 hours of work, you want us to do more? well, i dont want to =[. i havent done my social studies homework in the past 2 days, but he didnt check it. i brought it home for the weekend, so i might do it now. well not now cause its 12am, but like saturday or sunday. ya know? yea, you know.
  2. assigned seats. these are pretty annoying also. what if the person you sit next to smells bad (not mentioning any names) or you aren’t very fond of the person anyways? ever thought about that? and also, i sit next to the same 3 people in every class because their last names are close to mine, alphabetically. they should let people who dont fool around be able to sit next to whoever they want, and people who do, not be able to!
  3. teachers. well most of them, at least in my school. some are terrible at teaching, like we do the same thing everyday: read, answer questions, take notes. boring, right? that is literally like what we do everyday, except the past few days. but still, catch my drift? oh and also, when the teacher is in a bad mood or, “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”, and then takes it out on the students. uhh…hi! its not out fault! and then theres just teachers who are evil anyways, so you cant change them!
  4. other people in school. or pretty much how they ruin stuff for everybody. you know, that just brings eveybody’s day down…but at least this eyar they are actually punishing kids! last year, they were just like “oh, okay! dont do it again!” like that does anything! i like my new teachers, well most of ’em. they actually do something about people being retards.
  5. Assemblies. people at my school probably know which one i’m talking about in particular. but, if you dont know, we recently had to watch these weird dancer people sing/dance/take clothes off to music. it was very stupid. it had no point. i dont see how it was school related at all. and the only reason i’m mad is becuase they made it so hey canceled band that day, so the entire school could see them! and the reason why this band was so important is because it was the whole 7th and 8th grade band combined practice, which doesnt happen very often, so now we had to skip whatever class we were in today at 6th period. and i hate doing that, cause then you have to make everything back up, which is never fun.

wow, i should be the principal, i come up with such good ideas to reform our school education system!

5 Things That Bug Me

May 21, 2008

or “pet-peevs” if you will. i decided to do more of those 5 things that countdown…from 1 to 5. so i guess it could be a countup. actually, i only do 1 to 5 because it wont let me do 5 to 1. i could manually do it, but i dont want to! so yea, i’ve already done two, why not three? this was the only title i thought of, so i just went with it. okay, GO!

  1. when people say iTouch insted of iPod Touch. it is very annoying. it is wrong. it is not right. if you say it, stop. now. PLEASE?!
  2. when people dont stop for you when you want to cross the street. like are you in that much of a rush that you cant stop for 2 seconds to let somebody go?! NO!!! lol i’m not that mad about it, its just annoying
  3. when people on American Idol are kept on not because they sing good, but because they are different. like Sanjaya, or that other gay guy that was on this season (7), i forgot his name. i just thank God that he didnt win.
  4. When people are mean to eachother. and not like bantering (vocab word =] ), but like being mean to make themselves look better. and also, when people aren’t nice to somebody who isnt well liked, just to fit in. and a bunch of people do it at my school to a certain person who shall not be named. but if you go to my school, then you know who it is. probably.
  5. when people dont trust you. like in school, you cant do anything! like chew gum. they think u’ll stick it under the desk, which people do anyway, only because they dont want to get caught chewing gum because there is a rule against it!  or something else like when ur parents dont trust you going out with your friends. they think u’ll do drugs (which some people do…) or get drunk (also what people do anyways) or go to a makeout party!!! lol but still, you get my point.

okay, there they are. i didnt even have 5 things in mind, so this took me like an hour just to come up with those.

An Update, I Guess

May 20, 2008

i was going to title this “I’m Thinking About Getting..” because i was going to explain what i was thinking about getting!! hence the title…but then i decided to put like 3 posts into one. so i just named it “An Update, I Guess.”   so anyways, have fun!!

i want to get a new laptop! mine is so sucky, and slow, and boring, and the fan doesnt work! i feel like i’ve said this before, and i probably did. i’m thinking about getting a MacBook, cause i like how its all like….everything! its so cool. also, i’m kinda annoyed of Windows. its just boring me. and i know i could probably get Windows Vista, but i want OS X better. everything looks like the menu stuff in iTunes, but not. like with the titles on the left, and you click on them! you probably have heard of it from the “PC vs. Mac” commercials, which are very effective in my opinion, cause now i want to buy one!

you might be wondering how i’m gonna get money for that! well, i’ve decided i want to work down at the beach! i’m gonna park cars in a parking lot! and if you are thinking that i am actually going to drive the cars, then you’re not alone! everybody thinks that. what i would do is take the money from the person who wants to park, and tell them where to park. i tell them where because theres no line to separate cars, so i must direct them to be organised. the only thing i’m afraid of is if the person doesnt park where i tell them, and i have to tell them to go move it…that would be awkward.

okay, lastly, i’m thinking about buying a domain name for this website! you probably dont know what a domain name is, so i shall tell you. its pretty much just like a website URL. so mine would be nicksilvestri.com as apposed to nicksilvestri.wordpress.com. you’re probably wondering why i dont just get one, and thats cause it costs money! if i got it from wordpress, it costs 15 $ a year. once i get a job, i’ll probably just get it, since that rate is cheap compared to other rates. i wish they just gave it to me for free, i mean whats the problem with that? nothing. well, the hosting services wouldnt get any money…but who cares? nobody.

okay so yea, thanks for reading all that! you probably didnt, and just scrolled down to here, but thats okay. i dont really care. okay, bye.