My Dream Lied

April 27, 2008

i dont want that laptop i said i wanted before. so, my dream lied to me! the laptop i want now is the Dell XPS M1330. its way cooler! and its red, like my iPod Shuffle. like, ya know that (Product)red thing? yea, its that.

i should get the red one right?? the black and white ones are ugly.


2 Responses to “My Dream Lied”

  1. John Pacitti Says:

    the XPS series from dell is the S@#T!!!!! i own the xps M140, even though it is old it is still working fine. by the way what was your “dream” laptop. please don’t tell me it was an apple macbook, i dont like apple products, besides the ipod touch (that is just freaking amazing)

  2. nick Says:

    well i had a dream that i had the dell inspiron 1420. and i liked it. but i dont now.
    well actually now, i want the Sony VAIO FZ series. i dont really know what its called. aaand i found out that i can trade my laptop into sony and 250$$ toward a new laptop. cool ‘eh?

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