I’m Back!!

April 26, 2008

so yea, i came back from long island today. it was kinda fun, but not a whole lot. yesterday just hung out at my cousins house, and today, we went to my other cousin’s church for her first communion. and that church is very loud! like everybody talks and its rather annoying. anyways, i have to go again tomorrow, becuase apparently it doesnt count if its before 4PM  (it was at 2PM). after that, we went to this pizza place thing, and we went downstairs and had a partyish. we just sat and ate dinner/cake. also, i got a salad again! but it tasted bad because it had like vinigrette, and tomatoes and cucumbers…and it didnt have crutons!! lame. so we just drove home after the party and we stopped at a place called Steve & Barry’s, but it sounds like Steven Barrings. anyways, everything in the ENTIRE store is 8.98 or less — its a clothes store. we’ve been there before, and my dad bought a leather jacket : ). the store was in this giflungo mall, but we didnt even shop anywhere else…also lame. i went to Game Stop, but nothing was there for me to buy, also, i’m saving up to buy a new laptop. mine sucks right now. well, i just dont like it. its slow, and the fan thing doesnt work so it keeps overheating–even with the little cooler fan underneith it which i bought for like 35 bucks!! also the battery sucks on this laptop. my mom said she’d buy it from me ^_^. so yea, i’m home. thats all my pretty much wanted to say so BYE!


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