My Dream #2

April 26, 2008

my dream wasnt that weird today, it was kinda weird, but infuential. well to me. i had a dream that i got a new laptop, and i was really happy i bought it! and it was a Dell, which is what i have now, and it was blue…but i dont want a blue one–i wonder why i was happy! so anyways, this is influential because before i got my iPod Touch, i was debating whether to get an iPod Classic, a Zune 80, or the iPod Touch, and i had a dream that i got an iPod touch and i was really happy! and then it broke, and i was sad. so when i woke up, i wanted to be happy again and get the iPod Touch!! so now i’m happy ^_^. so yea, now i want a Dell Inspiron 1420! not that anybody knows what that is. nor do you care. so yea, this doesnt really count as a weird dream, i just felt like telling the whole world about it!


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