My dream #1

April 22, 2008

i decided to put my weird/interesting/pointless (all) of my dreams in here, so heres the first one!!

The dream I had last night was rather weird. First I was at my house and my neighbors and I were playing hide and go seek, but like it was tag. like to tag somebody, you found out their cellphone number and called them. but then if they answered, then they wernt out…yea that doesnt really make any sense, but anyways….so i went to school and we played that exact game in social studies! when i was hiding, i went in the elevator, which is weird, since i HATE elevators.  But anyways, i went all the way down the basement and it was all dusty and scary and there was a teacher down there with a flashlight, and then she tagged me, so i was it next. and it took me like 30 minutes to find somebody, but hey its the whole school! and the person i found was pretending to be a dragon and i said it was cool. Then, my dad came to pick me up, and it was night time, and they guy who i found (the dragon one) went in the car with us, and this other guy did too, and then i woke up. at 6am! which i never do, i usually get up at seven, cause my bus comes at 7:30…


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