Boston, day three

April 20, 2008

Today was kinda fun, we didn’t go to the city, we just went to small towns. We probably went to every single antique shop we saw, and it was so boring! If you’ve seen one antique shop, you’ve seen all of them. So anyways I started my day off waking up at 9ish, but I woke up like 2 times in the middle of the night. I can’t wait to go back to my bed at my house, except that I have to wake up at 7 to go to school anyways, so never mind. We went to IHOP today, which stands for International House Of Pancakes! I think that’s a pretty cool fact. So anyways, I ate French toast, and it was pretty good, but not great. After IHOP, we drove to a small town, I think it was called Beverly, or something like that. We went to all of the small stores, and hardly bought anything. It was really boring. Oh yea, we went to this food store thing and I got 3 green apples, and they washed them for us. It was cool. We bought Girl Scout cookies! They were the thin mint kind. I only had like 3. Or four. Or five. Okay, like six. Or seven. Just eight. I only had nine.  Anyways, they were good. After we left that place, we saw an antique shop so we went in it. It was called the White Elephant. So after we left that boring place, we saw this other one that is called the White Elephant Outlet! So we just had to go there, and we did. You could tell that the place was dispirit for you to buy something because everything was either 50% off or more than that. After my parents bought like 2 things, we kept driving and saw another little town thing, so we went there. Also, there was this beach, called the Singing Beach, and it makes a really cool noise when you rub your feet against the sand!! It sounds like rubbing rubber together, but not. Oh yea, in the parking lot, only residents of that town are allowed to park in the middle, but like nobody knew that, so about half of them got tickets, and we were really close to getting one too, but my mom asked a cop why they were getting tickets and he said you cannot park there. So we didn’t. Then after that, we just walked around and went to church at 4:00, and it was boring, I just folded stuff out of money, which I am rather good at. After church, we went to Salem, but the only thing we went to was the wax museum. it was kinda boring, seeing as how we already went there last time we went to Salem, which was like 3 years ago. i took a bunch of pictures though, so yea. Oh yea, i made one of those sand things, like the ones where you put the colored sand in the glass container and make it look all cool. but mine is not very cool, i’m sad to say. it is rather boring. So when we left, we were hungry, and we went to the Outback Steakhouse. When we got there, there was a 45-50 minute wait, and we decided to wait.  So, the lady gave us the little plastic device that vibrates/lights up when our table was ready. But we didn’t feel like sitting there, so we went across the street to stores there. I went to GameStop while others went to TJMaxx, and a food store-I forget which one. I bought nothing at GameStop, but I we met up at TJMaxx later and I bought an FM transmitter/receiver thing for my iPod, although it doesn’t work with my Shuffle, just the Touch. It was only 13 bucks, so what the hell. So anyways, we just went back to the restaurant and waited a while till our table was ready, and it was in about 10 minutes. They give you bread for an appetizer and it was really good! For dinner, I just had chicken tenders as usual, and water, as usual! But I had a salad, which I never do, and it tasted kinda bad…it had like cheese on the dressing and tomatoes and cucumbers. Ucky! I had like 3 bites and gave it to my dad and my sister. But overall, it was really good! And we just paid with a gift card that my aunt gave us. Man that place was expensive! 95 bucks…gosh. That’s like 20 dollars for each of us. Well, like 19 : ). So after the restaurant, we just went back to the hotel, and chilled. We went to the pool, and Lisa actually got her hair wet! Well, at first I accidentally splashed her, but then she just got it wet anyways.  She usually doesn’t cause she doesn’t want to straighten it again, which is annoying. I’m so glad I have short hair; I could care less about if I mess it up or not. So after the pool, we just went to our suite I took a shower. But now I am typing this, and my family is watching a movie on HBO, which stands for Home Box, isn’t that weird? They’re watching Epic Movie, and it’s stupid. Oh, they changed it. Okay, so yea today was kinda boring overall.


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