Boston, day four

April 20, 2008

Today, was our last day in Massachusetts. We barely did anything today except get up and leave our hotel. but anyways, I woke up at like 8 and was not in the mood to get up. Like ya know those days where you feel all “blah”? well thats what I felt like. but I got up and went down to the lobby with my laptop to get internet. I just checked my email and myspace and stuff like that. When i was done, I went up to our suite and started to pack up. My family had already dont most of it anyways, so I just packed up my stuff! i ate a bagel for breakfast : ). we hit the road at about…9 or 10 i’d say, i didnt really check. During the car ride, i just listened to Mozart cool songs on my iPod the whole time, and it just flew by. Lisa wanted to go to the Wrenthem Outlets, or something like that, so we went. she wanted to get shoes, or something, it was really boring. i went to the Sony store, but there was nothing there, and I wanted to see the 3 milimeter thin TV that they make, but they didnt have it on display, and I was sad. But we did go to this store that had free samples everywhere! so I pigged-out. The whole place was sooooo boring! there was nothing to do! when we finished, we looked for a place to eat and just ate at a buffet, and it wasnt the best i’ve eaten. but oh well, they had good salad, or i just made good salad : ). also, the little machine that dispenses icecream was very annoying! you had to pull this lever really hard and it comes out really fast. Also, they have to cones to put it in, just bowls, which is no fun : (…so when we left, we just drove home and my cat kept meowing her head off cause we were home. i had to take out the garbage as usual and its boring as usual. they should just have an automatic garbage-taker-outer.  so yea, today was just a boring day of car riding.


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