Boston, day one

April 18, 2008

Today was overwhelming! We did like everything! Well, first, we drove for one and a half hours to a train station in… I forgot, but it took like 20 minutes on the train the get to Boston.

The train ride was boring, and also, it went underground, and I hate undergroundness! But it wasn’t a big deal. Also, it just randomly stops out of nowhere, but for only a second. Its freaky. Okay, soooo, after we got off the train, we walked around and I took like 100 pictures with my phone. Well, more like 151, but who’s counting? We walked on this street called Newbury Street, and i guess thats like interesting to people. Also, we ate at this place called Souper Salad, which is kinda cheesy, because it’s like super salad, but not… anyways, it tasted really bad!

And I wasn’t that hungry cause I just ate on the way up. Afterwards, we walked around and saw a street show of break dancers! But I couldn’t really see or take any pictures, so yea. Then, we went to China Town!! It’s kinda weird since you don’t know what people are saying half the time, but oh well. Also, I don’t know how to read any of it, but I took pictures anyways…. THEN, we went to Quincy Market, which I guess is a big deal, but I just ate a piece of pizza. And that ended our trip in the city for that day. Well, there was a bunch of other little things, but it’s not really important. So, we went back on the train and that took like 35 minutes. It took longer because we walked farther from our original drop-off. I just listened to my iPod the whole time. When we got to our stop, we got in our car and decided not to go to our hotel right away because the traffic was REALLY backed up. So, we went to the Natick mall, which is hugemoungous! Oh yea, I bought an iPod shuffle there. It was really annoying to buy at the Apple store! First of all, theres no check out counters, you have to find some guy that’s walking around with this handheld scanner thing. Also, you cannot just pick up an iPod and buy it, oh no, you have to fill out this kinda short form on the computer, then schedule a personal buying time, then he goes though the information about it, then you pay, which by the way you cannot do in cash, well you can, it just takes a bajillion years. So that took like 30 minutes, and I could have don’t it in like 2 seconds. Then, when I get out of the store, I see my mom at the Verizon booth thing, and she decided to get a new phone, cause she can-even though her contract didn’t end till another three months, but the guy let her anyways. She picked this kinda crappy one, but that’s okay. THENNNN, we got in our car and went to our hotel, and that took like 30 minutes cause we passed it twice and didn’t realize it. When we got there, I walked up the four flights of stairs (I despise elevators) and then we realized they gave us the wrong room-there was supposed to be two beds and a pull-out couch. So, we moved all of our stuff over to the new suite. And just when I think my day is over, we all go to the exercise room and the pool. And the exercise room sucked, it had one treadmill, one elliptical, 3 crappy bike things and a broken weight machine….so we just went to the pool, which was only like 5 feet deep, so I felt tall. It closed at 10, so we only had like 15 minutes. After, we went back upstairs and now I’m typing this, and my feet hurt from walking so much and my fingers hurt from typing so much!! So yea, I did like everything today. Oh yea, I forgot to say that I bought a bathing suit cause I forgot to bring one, and it looks funny.


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