me ≠ sick!

April 16, 2008

i’m not sick anymore! my canker sore is almost gone. oh and when i was looking online on how to get rid hydrogen peroxideof one, i came across this (painful) method on Yahoo! Answers:

“dip the q tip into the hydrogen peroxide til it’s soaked. Then literally grind it in a circular motion into the canker sore. I know “OWWW” but as you swirl it onto the sore, it’ll turn white and look much bigger than it originally was…Dont worry, it only hurts like hell for about 5 seconds. You have to get it so the sore and the surrounding tissue gets white, so 5-10 seconds. THEN you’re done. By morning it’ll mostly be gone and it really wont hurt much past the original swabbing. Good luck.”

AHH! oh my god! i would never ever do that in my entire life!!!
to get mine to go away, i just rubbed baking soda on it…and baking soda tastes really bad. dont eat it, trust me.


2 Responses to “me ≠ sick!”

  1. Keri Says:

    My dad told me to put alum on it…it is a type of garlic that you can buy in a little bottle at the store.
    It tastes rilly bad but you put a bunch of it on before you go to bed and then the next day peel off the white layer and then if it turns white agian then repeat.

  2. Libby Sanford Says:


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