its new because the has the background music during the fight scenes, and during the last part.

so, if you did take the time to watch the 12 minute video…do it again

and if  you didnt, do it! : )

if you dont want to, just watch the flashbacks, which are the best parts…cause they’re not boring.


i tried to watch the video right now, and its not working, but i JUST uploaded it, so… yea


this video is Helen and Ellen’s english project, so watch it!!

ha! i embedded it

feel free to comment the video.

My Dream #3

April 28, 2008

this dream didnt really make any sense. i was at my beach house, which is in Narragansett, and my dad was telling my grampa about how i ate a hamburger for four dollars from the people who rented out my beach house. he said i could have just gone to McDonalds and got one there for one dollar! yea, thats it. it was just short and stupid.

look! a hamburger!

My Dream Lied

April 27, 2008

i dont want that laptop i said i wanted before. so, my dream lied to me! the laptop i want now is the Dell XPS M1330. its way cooler! and its red, like my iPod Shuffle. like, ya know that (Product)red thing? yea, its that.

i should get the red one right?? the black and white ones are ugly.

when i was looking for a new laptop, i saw a spelling error!!!

here, is a picture.

look, theres two P’s when theres supposed to be one!!!

wow i’m a geek

Its Kelly’s Birthday!!!

April 26, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jump for joy

wow : ) JUMP FOR JOY!!

My Dream #2

April 26, 2008

my dream wasnt that weird today, it was kinda weird, but infuential. well to me. i had a dream that i got a new laptop, and i was really happy i bought it! and it was a Dell, which is what i have now, and it was blue…but i dont want a blue one–i wonder why i was happy! so anyways, this is influential because before i got my iPod Touch, i was debating whether to get an iPod Classic, a Zune 80, or the iPod Touch, and i had a dream that i got an iPod touch and i was really happy! and then it broke, and i was sad. so when i woke up, i wanted to be happy again and get the iPod Touch!! so now i’m happy ^_^. so yea, now i want a Dell Inspiron 1420! not that anybody knows what that is. nor do you care. so yea, this doesnt really count as a weird dream, i just felt like telling the whole world about it!