I started a 365

June 7, 2010

Eh, I don’t know if I’ll finish it, since I never finish anything, but I’ll try!

Here’s a link to it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicksilvestri/sets/72157624220261596/

Oh, and if you didn’t know, a 365 is a photo project where you take a picture everyday for a year.


You know where there’s that day when people write love on their arms for To Write Love On Her Arms?

Well there should be a day where people write Not Penny’s Boat on their hand (you know, from Lost).

Hmm but what day would it be? I suppose you could pick a random day… but then that’s not special. Maybe the day that the episode aired? That was May 23rd (Thank you Lostpedia!) and HEY that’s coming up!!!

K, that’s officially the day; I declared it.

Birthday Wish List

March 26, 2010

1. A pair of TOMS shoes. You probably know what TOMS does, but if you don’t, they give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair that you buy. I already have 2 pairs 😀 They’re super comfortable.

2. This shirt!!! It’s made by TOMS, and it translates to “a day without shoes” and since that day is 3 days after my birthday, I should just get this shirt and wear it on that day.

3. THIS shirt!!! It’s for a nonprofit called charity:water, and they build wells for the one in every eight people that don’t have access to clean water.

4. And lassstttlyyy, new foam tips for my headphones! Mine are deteriorating and so is my case!!! 😦   But it’s okay the case will last longer.

P.S. Have you ever heard to a song and really like it, and then you actually listen to the lyrics and realize that it’s really… strange?! That just happened to me with this song. But I don’t care if it is messed up because I still like it!

You’ve probably heard of these social networks, but I don’t care because I like them!

So follow me on DailyBooth and ask me a question on Formspring.

Because I’m cool.


Un Sueño

January 15, 2010

So I was going to stop posting my dreams, but this one was really interesting so I decided to blog about it!

Basically, I was seeing what it was like if I was never born, but then suddenly showed up one day.

It started out like at this dock on the water, but it was under a bridge. And I was with my friend Erik and I was explaining to him that I was his friend, but he didn’t believe me because I wasn’t born! So then we were walking up the stairs to the street and I saw a jacket on the ground and it was the exact same one that Erik was wearing. I don’t know the importance of that…

Anyways! Then I went to school and I went to English class and I was explaining to my friends Bella and Heather, who I sit next to, that I was their friend, and they didn’t believe me. And then my best friend that lives in New York was in my class too, and I was telling him that I WAS actually born and that we’re friends and I went to his preschool! And he didn’t believe me, so I told him that when I switch back to me being born I was going to yell at him for not believing me. (And then after I woke up, I yelled at him. Well not yelled… You get it.) And then I went to Spanish, and somebody believed me!!!!! So then I got really excited.

And then, I had to cross to get to Babcock (even though Spanish is in Babcock, but whatever..) to get to lunch and everything was set up different. Mr. Spellman led the way for the students, and  if the late bell rang, this gate closed so no one could go down the little stairs to get to the door to go into the building! Well I didn’t know that, because it was different, so I just jumped over the gate and Mr. Spellman yelled at me. And also, the students were cheering me on.

Mr. Spellman led me into his office, which was right next to the cafeteria.. So then when we got there, I sat down and he was just talking to me, and then the door opened and these two lesbians were making out, and Mr. Spellman was like “stop..” (and usually he has the biggest temper in the entire world). So then he told me I could go, so then I went into the cafeteria and sat next to my friend that remembered me. And the cafeteria was really weird, it was like two rooms.. Anyways, that’s all I remember.

Oh yeah, I have a Flickr

December 26, 2009

Originally uploaded by Nick Silvestri

I kind of forgot about Flickr, but I’m rediscovering it and I really like it!
This is my most viewed pic, just thought I’d show you.

I also just joined deviantART, which I’m not liking as much. It’s too confusing, but that’s probably since I just joined it. Flickr is just more straightforward and I have to keep searching on the deviantART to do stuff.

Oh and totally random, I got the second Glee soundtrack and it’s amazing. I’m listening to it now!

I’m Procrastinating.

December 13, 2009

Soooooooo okay. I have to do this research paper right now. Which I already did the rough draft! But I did pretty bad on the rough draft, so I have to like actually do this now. But I really don’t want to. 😥

On that irrelevant note, I went to New York City today, it was fun!

Oh and I’m getting the H1N1 flu shot tomorrow. Just so that you know. In case I develop autism or something. Just kidding I hate when people say that.

I was gonna make a post about DailyBooth and how awesome and amazing it is, but I never did. So you should just join it now. And follow me (@nicksilvestri).

My favorite color is blue. And green.

Okay I have to do my paper now. eeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE.